Dallas Roberts ("The Walking Dead," "The Gray"), Alison Eastwood ("They Are Among Us"), Anne Dudek ("Covert Affairs," "House M.D.")


Written and Directed by Matthew Arnold (creator of NBC's "Siberia" & ABC's upcoming "Emerald City")


U.S. Distribution by Anchor Bay


Sudden Unexplained Nocturnal Death Syndrome is a real phenomenon where seemingly young, healthy people can die mysteriously in their sleep.  Survivors of the syndrome report a feeling of intense terror while being paralyzed in their bed, as a shadowy figure attempts to grab or strangle them.


When Dallas Roberts, a struggling late night radio host, reports on-air about a series of bizarre, unexplained, sleep fatalities, a skeptical investigator from the Center for Disease Control, Alison Eastwood, is called in to examine his claims. Together, they discover a deadly, psychological condition where fear actually causes the shadow beings to appear.


This supernatural thriller, based on true events, interweaves never-before-seen footage, interviews and news reports about this horrifying, real phenomenon, taking "found footage" movies to a whole new level.